Huge Update On Rumored Gondola System At Walt Disney World As New Permits Filed To Begin Construction

Last month, Walt Disney World filed permits that hinted at a possible gondola transportation system being put in place on property. While The Walt Disney Company hasn’t officially said anything regarding the rumor, the permits were indeed filed and even more has taken place to contribute to this aerial transportation system becoming a reality. A new permit has been filed by Disney which shows that work is officially set to begin quite soon.

The original permits filed by Disney showcased a few different locations which would have new structures built to house the stations and turning points for the gondola station.

[Image by Google Maps]

Ever since those permits were filed a month-and-a-half ago, all news has fallen quiet regarding the rumored gondola system. Well, the new permit that has been filed actually indicates plans to begin the work and details exactly where the stations and turning points would be located.

Inside The Magic took note of a tweet that showcases the points on Disney property and has information about the “foundation and building infrastructure.”

If these plans go through as expected, it would bring a new mode of transportation to guests at resorts who normally only have main access to buses. The new permit shows that it would almost directly connect Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort, Disney’s Boardwalk Inn, Disney’s Pop Century Resort, and Disney’s Hollywood Studios park.

New permit filed today related to “gondola” WDW rumor. Permit for “foundation & building infrastructure” includes 6 locations (see map):

As it currently stands at Walt Disney World, the majority of the resorts on property are connected to the theme parks by bus transportation. Three of Disney’s deluxe resorts are connected directly to the monorail system while a few others also have boat transportation available to guests.

The majority of the moderate and value resorts only have bus transportation unless guests are willing to drive their own vehicles. Giving them a new method of getting around would alleviate some of the extended waits that can happen for the buses in the peak times of each year.

With this new permit being a Notice of Commencement, it is expected that construction will begin shortly. All that can be done now is to wait and see exactly what happens on Walt Disney World property and if any of the pinpointed locations are cleared out.

Anxious Disney fans are already hoping that the massive new system is like the Skyway of old that once took up space in a few parks.

On this day in 1999, The Skyway closed in the Magic Kingdom.

— The Mickey Wiki (@TheMickeyWiki) November 9, 2016

Disneyland, Tokyo Disneyland, and Walt Disney World have all had their own gondola systems in the past, but the Skyway attractions all were closed by the late ’90s. The attractions were simple as they only led to in-park transportation, but they were still very popular.

For now, this still needs to be taken primarily as a rumor since The Walt Disney Company has not officially said anything to confirm or deny it. Once construction begins, guests will begin questioning even more and that would most likely be the point that Walt Disney World reveals their plans.

If the permits are true to what they appear to be and the plans actually go through for this gondola transportation system, it could bring a whole new level of movement to Walt Disney World. The plans would bring together a number of resorts and parks that would have one more mode of transportation on top of traveling by bus. An issue still remains and that is Disney actually confirming what is actually happen, but it appears as if guests are inching ever closer to another “skyway.”

[Featured Image by Danny Cox]

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